Prussian Officier 20mm

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well, finaly this is my Prussian Officer on horseback, he is from the set „Prussian Infantry“ from Italeri and he´s 20mm.


Another picture:




Some news from Au’taal

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This piranha is the most recent addition to my Tau army. I have to say that I understimated the effort you have to put into painting a vehicle. But finally I got it done.

Another Space Marine

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This Space Marine Assault Terminator I painted for a friend. I usually don’t like plastics since GW released such horrible plastic minis for LotR, but the 40k stuff is pretty nice though. On this one I tried to make the painting look as realistic as possible.

Vote now!

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Hi folks,

it´s up to you, which miniature will be our next and first together painted mini! Vote now in the comments.

  1. Balin, Games-Workshop
  2. Durburz, Games-Workshop
  3. Aragorn, Fellowship of the Ring, Games-Workshop
  4. Achilles, Andrea-Miniatures

Sister of Mercy

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Finally I finished this miniature from Freebooter. She was standing on my desk for about a month now…
As all sculpts by Werner Klocke are just awesome, I had a lot of fun painting her.


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Hi folks,

 today I present my Pippin from the Fellowship-box. I painted this mini between a few exams. So this is maybe not a Demon Winner… but for painting it in a gap it´s not bad, isn´t it?



A new power is rising

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Hey folks,

 now our blog has started. We are NudelSalatPainting, a fusion of two painters, Maitland and me, Skiron, from Germany. Together we want to gain more experience and improve our painting skills. We are looking forward to our first together painted miniature. 


Nudelsalat Paitings